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address/opening times

  • 6/6a Frederick Street
  • EH2 2HB
  • 01315169301
  • Mon 0900-1800
  • Tue 0900-1800
  • Wed 0900-1800
  • Thu 0900-2000
  • Fri 0900-1900
  • Sat 0900-1830
  • Sun1100-1800
  • Mon 0900-1800
  • Tue 0900-1800
  • Wed 0900-1800
  • Thu 0900-2000
  • Fri 0900-1900
  • Sat 0900-1830
  • Sun1100-1800

what you say...

Jessica Gillies 01/08/2012

I've never really been in Schuh before but the converse at the window were just calling my name so I went in. The people there are so helpful and unbelieveably friendly. I got greeted with a nice warm welcome. I went in to get a pair of converseve but they didnt have the colour that I wanted in a size 4 but they said they would get in ordered in for the next day which I was so pleased with. The staff at the till were more than friendly, the guy that severed me was very chatty and so nice! I am most definitely going there again and recommending Schuh to my friends! Thank you!

Maia Rees 12/08/2012

Excellent service, very helpful and friendly staff.

Robert Allan 20/10/2012

Staff were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the products. The only problem was the store was very busy so the staff were running about serving 2-3 people at once. Overall a brilliant experience.

Mark Braid 02/11/2012

The service was very good, from both the girl that served me (don't know her name, she had a blonde ponytail was all I can really say) and the girl at the till (Alana). I've been buying all my shoes from this same branch since 2007 and will keep coming back as they always sell good shoes and seem like a decent bunch of people.

Andrea Porteous  17/05/2013

All the staff where really friendly, from the initial contact asking if I was being helped (I'd reserved an order online). Then the girl who got my order was really helpful, striking up friendly conversation. And also the the girl on the checkout was equally chatty and friendly. I left the store, loving my purchase and felt like a valued customer. Thanks schuh

campbell murray 04/10/2012

love the staff attention/expertise and bought a pair of crocs having gone in to get a pair of barkers brogues!

James Stewart 26/01/2013

Very pleased with the service. The staff are friendly and pro active. Been there twice last week. Both times felt pleasure being there. Great customer care. Im impressed. When they couldn't answer my questions they took time to go and find out. great experience I don't normally do reviews

Kayleigh 30/01/2013

Brilliant customer service from David. He was very welcoming, friendly and very willing to help me out whenever I needed assistance

George Nisbet 29/01/2013

I came in to purchase a pair of Vans,but unfortunately the ones i liked were no longer available. The sales assistant,David, suggested an alternative pair of Vans and also a pair of Converse All Star Hi Tops. I tried on a few pairs and nothing was too much trouble for David...i left very pleased with a new pair of Converse all star hi tops. Please pass my thanks on to David,he is a credit to your store and i would have no hesitation in returning to/recommending your store.

Gavin 10/06/2013

Brilliant service from Mia who looked after me from the check and reserve facility up until the following day when I collected them. Very friendly and professional. Definitely deserves a promotion!

Dominika Zajaczkowska 02/06/2013

Made a purchase on the 24/05 and was given two different colours of nike blazers. I would like to thank Lana for her exceptional service when I went back to exchange them on 02/06. She was VERY polite, quick and efficient even though it was busy. She ensured me that it was not a problem and apologised for the inconvenience caused. I will definitely return to this store :)

Erin Burns 22/09/2013

Staff were very nice and helpful. We were helped my a member of staff called James who was very polite and helpful and helped me find the shoes i wanted.

Jack Baron 01/10/2013

lovely staff, nice shoes

Timea 02/10/2013

David helped me with the shoes - quick & polite. Emma did the payment - chaty & friendly. I do appreciate to meet with smiley people as I know exactly how does it feel dealing all day long with customers with different attitude. Thank you!

alex howard 07/04/2013

I wouldn't normally bother doing this, but such was the quality of attention I received that I thought I had to contact. It was EXCELLENT and is every time I go into Schuh on Frederick Street. I wish more high street chains used you as an example.

Elly Darrah 11/04/2013

The assistant was very friendly and helpful. It took hardly any time to try on the shoes and process the purchase. All excellent - thanks!

Chris Allen 10/04/2013

Fantastic service, can't remember his name but he goes to london quite alot, also a delicious range of shoes, only place i'll buy my footwear from. Keep up the good work x

Alex Williamson 07/10/2012

Very helpful assistant (037 Helen), showed me what was available in my size and the style I was after. Pleased with the price and experience overall. Very pleasant people to deal with. Thank you! :)

mr peter bentham 15/10/2012

We visited your North Bridge store first but unfortunately they did not have the shoes in stock that I was looking for, but they immediately checked to see if your Frederick Street store had them which they did. The following day I visited Frederick Street and although they where very busy I was quickly attended to and the shoes brought to me. It was an excellent friendly service from both stores.

norrie 01/04/2013

I took my DM shoes back as they were faulty. They were purchased in June 2011, but I felt justified in taking them back. The staff couldnt have been more helpful. I wasnt really expecting a full refund, just the possibility of feeding back to DM. with an investigation and possible repair. I had no receipt but did have proof of purchase. Many thanks for the great service, I will definitely be back.

Graham Hardy 04/04/2013

Shelle showed genuine interest in our daughter's shoe choice. Not sure about the concept of the floorwalker who greets and then gets somebody to serve you - although he was equally pleasant

Kimberley flett 04/04/2013

Was greeted by two smiling gentlemen, then helped by a lady who was very helpful in what I was looking for before being served by a pleasent guy who had a laugh. Was a really good happy service.

Tomas Johnston 08/04/2013

Grear customer service and always happy to go above and beyond to get what you want.

rose harrison 07/04/2013

Always a pleasure shopping here, both JESS and the cashier DAVID very helpfull.Will always come back for next pair of shoes.

Joanne Chee 21/07/2013

Very pleased with the service and my purchase of the Birken sandal. Slightly pricey but worth it.

David Williamson 27/07/2013

I was served by Ash in your Frederick Street store this afternoon and he was extremely helpful, particularly given that the shop was very busy and one of the items I asked for was incorrectly labelled. He also gave me helpful advice regarding my purchase. Overall he was very polite and knowledgeable.

Patricia bell 02/08/2013

Very attentive helpful staff

Sharon Sutherland  03/08/2013

Great service- prompt, friendly and helpful. As this is a brand new store (Edinburgh Gyle- though it's not on your drop down menu), I hope the service continues it's really encouraged me to go back. Thanks Jill!!

Nicole 03/08/2013

It was great today I was getting my school shoes and got 10% off my shoes with my young Scott card!

Liv 06/06/2013

I love the wide selection of shoes! Very friendly and helpful service. A really nice shoe-shopping experience.

Graeme Robertson 09/06/2013

Brilliant service. Measured my daughters feet and gave good advice on what size to buy. Really made my daughter feel special. Always a good experience buying from Schuh.

Sam Rennie 31/10/2013

The lady assistant received my request to get my size. I think she then passed my request on to another assistant (David?). Don't know why... It took a few minutes for him to come back out with the shoes. He was quiet helpful however.

Jessica Scott 14/03/2013

I felt I was we'll looked after. Service very friendly and helpful. Definitely will visit again

Ann Thallon 18/03/2013

Excellent service. Great range of shoes. Out of my size in my favourite pair: they could be ordered - but I'd no time to return to store in next week. However, to my delighted surprise, Connor explained I could have the right size sent out to me, free of charge! Cashier Katie efficient and helpful too. Will definitly be returning to Schuh in future.

Karen Young 27/08/2012

I felt a little awkward going in to the store with so many young people there, I felt out of place. I had seen a pair of shoes I liked in the window. I was served by a really helpful young man called Matthew. I had chosen a pair of patent shoes with a 1 inch plus sole. At 5' 1" I fancied the extra height. Matthew didn't look shocked at a pensioner's choice of funky footwear and was helpful making sure they were really comfortable for me. Rachael at the till was very pleasant too.What had seemed a daunting prospect turned out to be a pleasant experience. I love my new shoes too.

Lyyne Minto 05/02/2013

Very helpful staff (David) pleasant and eager to please which makes a lovely shopping experience, not often found in this day..bonus being, the much adored new boots are beautiful and without the help of staff member David the one pair left in my size would have gone had he not held them back for an hour for me... i love schuh

lisa vincent 23/03/2013

The assistant who served me, Alana, was really helpful - she gave me lots of advice and information about the shoes I'd selected (I'm a size 8/9 and find that there's not much choice), Alana sympathised with me and said that she had similar problems with narrow feet - which made me feel at ease. She also showed her knowledge of the shoe manufacturers advising which brands had slightly bigger/smaller fitting styles - which was really useful. I bought a pair of shoes and was really happy with them, and when she noticed that there wasn't a cashier on the desk, she processed the payment too. Great work, thanks very much - top service, an example!

Iain Bryson 26/06/2013

Just wanted to say thank you to the two staff who dealt with me today. I had a problem where the stiching had come away from one of shoes and resulted in the underlying material showing through. I was a bit nervous going back to the store as i thought having worn the shoes would mean I'd need to buy another pair. I knew the returns policy was good at Schuh but was really impressed with how easy it was to get a replacement pair, with no fuss and walked out with new shoes within minutes. Special thanks to Michelle and her boss at the store.

Barbara Mackinder 29/06/2013

Have recently visited Edinburgh's Frederick store (again) where I purchased one pair and ordered another pair of Sketchers. I am pretty sure that, as a middle-aged women in her fifties, I am not the target group for Schuh but I keep returning because the service is so good. Always the staff are helpful and polite. This time a young man called David took time to explain the various differences between what appeared to be similar models of trainer and a young women at the till called Nicole carefully explained the warranty and home delivery details. The store offers a wide range of footwear - truly something for everyone and all occasions. This (for the first time) I ordered a pair of Sketchers for home delivery because my size was not available in my preferred colour. That was on a Saturday after 6 pm and very close to closing time. Nevertheless, the shoes were delivered to my house on Monday, less than 48 hours later. Excellent service all round - well done Schuh!

Ivan 30/06/2013

I was browsing some sale and I found I liked it but there was not my size and the sales advisor suggested me they can order my size and send to my flat at no extra charge. Fab idea with an amazing customer service. Well done!

Clare Andrew 29/06/2013

David R was most helpful.

Christopher and Lydia Cowan 27/12/2012

Friendly young assistant Niall was open and chatty, keeping his cool in a very busy environment, due to the sale in store. Attentive, though he had other customers gave us enough space but didn't leave us waiting. Extremely well mannered and took everything in his stride. Made the experience in the store pleasant.

Andrew Ashe  31/12/2012

I was in your store and bought two new pairs of trainers. I was thoroughly impressed by the service i was given. Most of the people were good looking, fashionable young men and women, and sometimes these people can in other stores can be arrogant and uninterested, but not in Schuh on Fredrick street. It was busy but there was ample staff on to serve everyone in the store, and despite there being a problem finding my shoes at the counter, every member of staff was friendly and helpful. I would like to commend your staff, and remind your management that you have a great team working for you and they must be valued. Thank you.

Andrew Harris 02/01/2013

Hi...I ordered some Ugg boots online.. i recieved the correct box with the wrong shoe... mistakes happen... very understandable. The delivery could not have been quicker, i was delighted. It came the very next morning. Rather than mess about with postage, i took them back to the Frederick street Edinburgh store to change for the right size.... i was' blown away' by astonishingly good service, and feel duty bound to acknowledge this in writing... i do hope that you are able to relay this back to the shop floor. I was barely one step inside the door before being genuinely asked if i could be helped, from that moment despite the shop being exraordinarily busy with sale shoppers i was whisked through the exchange process with fantastic efficiency and courtesy and apolo gies from at least 3 members of staff for this error having happened , despite the fact that this was an online order, not really their mistake at all. I can honestly say i have never been treated so well in any kind of shop anywhere!....... and i am 50 now so i have been in a few shops :-) I don't know how you have managed to achieve this level of 'genuine' customer care, but it is amazing. My wife tells me that she has been into this store on various previous occasions and has always been amazed too. Congratulations Schuh.... I really hope that this works for you and that you can continue to outpace the cost of rent and rates with profit to be there for many years to come. ps.. not received the replacement shoes in the post yet, but i dare say i will soon.

Donald Moffat 09/11/2012

Top service from your website and store. I looked at the website, reserved a pair of shoes. Text received shortly afterwards. Into store at about 5:30, nice smiley face at the entrance asking if they could help. Details taken and James pops through the back and brings out the shoes. Bit of chat while i try them on and decide if i like them or not. I decide yes they are what i want. James puts the shoes behind the till while i get ready. Served by Gemma who also engages in a bit of chat, shoes purchased and a smile and a cheerio. The service you provide is top notch. Really friendly, with people working for Schuh who fully give the impression they want to be there. Great teamwork in store, handover from initial person to James and James to till. The service is very similar to that i experienced in Florida last year. A real passion for the Customer. You could teach a lot of other shops and their staff your secret. Well done guys.

Alexandria 20/06/2014

I order a pair of shoes in store on Wednesday and they were delivered Thursday morning. However the were delivered to the neighbor down the other end of the st who I do not know. I had to call the company to find out where they had gone and then I had to go for a bit of a trek to find the house they were delivered to, introduce myself and ask for my shoes...

Gail Black 13/11/2012

I would like to make a few comments about my recent experiences with Schuh. I have received excellent customer service from beginning to end, from website to store, in the recent purchase and return of my Fly Yellow Yaley boots. I first started my search online and experienced your live chat assistance - this was seamless, friendly and extremely helpful. As there was no stock of my preferred size I was called back by your customer service department the next day, the gentleman I spoke to was extremely friendly and efficient and told me that my size would be back online in a few days, as there were only damaged ones in stock in the Edinburgh shops. They were back online in a couple of days and I ordered them easily. They were delivered efficiently but were unfortunately slightly damaged. Rather than send them back by post I chose to take them back to a shop, as I saw they were in stock online at the Frederick Street Edinburgh shop. I called the shop and the lady there was pleasant and efficient, I received a text promptly regarding my reserve on the boots, my husband returned my damaged boots and received amazingly pleasant service from the staff there today. Other companies should take a leaf out of your book and concentrate on training staff to be pleasant and on getting the customer experience right from beginning to end. On so many occasions we are felt to be a nuisance, when returning goods, not today - the opposite was true in fact. Thanks Schuh, our first experience was a great one! And I love my new boots!

Gail Black 13/11/2012

I would like to make a few comments about my recent experiences with Schuh. I have received excellent customer service from beginning to end, from website to store, in the recent purchase and return of my Fly Yellow Yaley boots. I first started my search online and experienced your live chat assistance - this was seamless, friendly and extremely helpful. As there was no stock of my preferred size I was called back by your customer service department the next day, the gentleman I spoke to was extremely friendly and efficient and told me that my size would be back online in a few days, as there were only damaged ones in stock in the Edinburgh shops. They were back online in a couple of days and I ordered them easily. They were delivered efficiently but were unfortunately slightly damaged. Rather than send them back by post I chose to take them back to a shop, as I saw they were in stock online at the Frederick Street Edinburgh shop. I called the shop and the lady there was pleasant and efficient, I received a text promptly regarding my reserve on the boots, my husband returned my damaged boots and received amazingly pleasant service from the staff there today. Other companies should take a leaf out of your book and concentrate on training staff to be pleasant and on getting the customer experience right from beginning to end. On so many occasions we are felt to be a nuisance, when returning goods, not today - the opposite was true in fact. Thanks Schuh, our first experience was a great one! And I love my new boots!

Carol Aspinall 05/12/2012

Excellent service from patient staff. So pleased with my Fly boots. Shoe cream given freely. Many thanks. The staff were very friendly,in the Edinburgh store and this is not always the case in designer type shoe stores. Thanks

Margot McCulloch 16/12/2012

Bought a pair of Dr Martin Boots for my daughters birthday. David, who fitted my daughter was excellent and I'm confident that the boots are right for her. Excellent service and i will definitely come back to Schuh now that I know that children's shoes are fitted correctly by trained staff.

Grant Docherty 16/12/2012

Even though the store was extremely busy, the staff provided excellent customer service and very fast service considering the number of customers in at the time. Over all excellent service, have recommended to friends.

Maggie Munro 18/12/2012

Wonderful service as usual. David greeted me pleasantly at the door and swiftly found what I wanted to buy. I then went to the checkout where the young assistant was friendly and helpful. Jenners/Frasers etc could learn a great lesson from your staff. Thank you!

Niamh Doyle 05/07/2013

The staff at the store i visited were very friendly and helpful and they were also very quick.

Hannah Tait 07/11/2013

Very quick and friendly service!

Jack Guttridge 09/11/2013

Very good service. Even laughed at my unfunny joke. Would definitely shop with them again.

Pusith James Gerdphol 09/10/2013

All staff were really helpful, friendly and the service was very quick.

David Stocks 11/10/2013

Friendly staff, really helpful and patient. Thanks to Jess for helping with my request. Asset to the company!

grant maccusker 08/05/2013

Service was outstanding, the assistant David was welcoming and helped me choose between the two shoes i was deciding on and couldn't have been more helpful and kind. Great service, would recommend to anyone and will be back.

john  13/05/2013

great service as soon as i walked in i got help

Jeanette Sutherland 21/02/2013

Received service from David to was extremely helpful, cheery and nothing was a bother

Kathleen Mullarkey 17/02/2013

After having a nightmare and melodrama on Friday I got Red Or Dead Shirley Glitter Silver shoes in a size 6 and would like to thank the sales assistants at the schuh for there excellent service Thanks

Naomi 18/08/2013

The girl who helped me was really friendly and chatty which was nice. Also she said she was thinking about buying the same shoes as me (she had them on in a different colour) so she actually knew what she was on about with the fit etc which was nice. Student discount is also a huge plus! Really good experience, thanks!

June Herschell 18/08/2013

First time I've bought from Schuh. Won't be the last. Excellent staff. Excellent customer care. So pleasant and helpful I can't praise them enough. Well done everyone.

Lewis Hou 24/08/2013

Excellent customer service. Bought some crocs from a rep called Ash I think, as I'm going to India and I never would have thought of that, but at his suggestion I tried them and they were great. Friendly guy, bent over backwards in getting the fitting right! Glad because I ended up getting a slightly bigger size as they don't mould. This is why shop fronts are still useful rather than the internet.

Mirrlees Dolley 25/08/2013

I visited your Edinburgh store with my adult son because our experience of the service at your Oxford store has always been amazing. Rachael in Edinburgh was equally amazing but unfortunately we weren't able to find anything suitable - he has very awkward feet to fit so it's not a reflection on your stock.

Lucy Soarjs 20/12/2012

Great atmosphere in the store. Laid back, but polite and welcoming, and not at all pushy. Got excellent service from Alisa in store, and would definitely go back again!

Anne Mather 17/12/2012

Checked stock on website, then checked at nearest store. Reserved a pair of Uggs in 2 sizes for my daughter. Got a text to confirm the reservation, etc. Went to store next day,where my daughter tried on both, and bought one of the pairs. Superb customer service! Very easy to check stock, great that your text gives opening hours, even better that when I go into the store, the staff are so friendly and efficient and find the reserved boots immediately. I am very impressed, and would recommend Schuh to anyone.

Karen  02/05/2013

siobhan platt 28/02/2013

David M served me yesterday. he was helpful, polite and had excellent knowledge of all his stock. What an asset to the company!

Ben Macpherson 19/04/2013

Excellent service from all staff in Edinburgh Frederick Street store today!

Fiona Jamieson 20/04/2013

Excellent service this morning from 3 members of staff - 2 on the floor and 1 at the till. All were polite and friendly and very efficient. I was asked if I needed help within a minute of walking in the door, had my shoes to try on a couple of minutes later and was served at the till with minimal waiting time. Even though I had only waited about 30 seconds the assistant at the till apologised for the wait. All in all I cant fault the service at all.

Matthew Pearce 24/04/2013

Came into the store yesterday, didn't have my size so the guy ordered a pair to be delivered to my house. They arrived this morning. Excellent service.

Graham Johnston 28/08/2013

Excellent range with excellent service from staff.

Sally Barnes 04/09/2013

Very friendly staff greeting us when we walked through the door, were immediately available when we needed another size shoe and kept us informed while they were looking for it as well as wishing us a good afternoon when we left, overall a pleasurable and easy shopping experience.

Jonathan Duffy 15/09/2013

Excellent and friendly service

gill 18/09/2013

Assistant Arran was very friendly and helpful, as was cashier Emma :)

Mathie 31/08/2013

Assistant : David Really great help to all of us, we all really appreciated the effort he put in, and extra help.

Abbie Garrington 22/10/2013

My assistant (Shelle?) was brilliant today - determined to find me the right trainers, in the right size, and in a good colour. Nothing was too much trouble, even though she was really busy, and was also training a new member of staff. Really friendly, helpful and well-informed member of staff. She's great!

Mrs Tracy Hindle 13/10/2013

Have never left feedback before, but I just wanted to comment on how helpful your assistant (Gillian) was today. Despite being asked by other members of staff to go and find shoes for other customers, while attending to us, she done this quickly and came straight back to us, to make sure that we were ok. Very Happy shopping experience! Thank you.

Paige 16/10/2013

Great service couldn't have been more polite and attentive :)

Jack Dunlop 17/10/2013

The service I recieved today was excellent, with multiple members of staff helping me with an issue regarding my Adidas Gazelles. 5 stars.

paul knowles 22/10/2013

Brilliant service Staff were very nice Pleasant visit No problems at all in recommending this store

Jacky scott 25/10/2013

Very helpful and friendly

Carolyn  15/11/2013

Hi I bought a pair of Shuh boots at the beginning of October.They had quickly developed a rip in the material. However, I had stupidly shredded the receipt while I was going through a mass of paperwork that needed shredding. I popped into the store yesterday (14/11/13) to see if anything could be done for me. I spoke with the Manager Chris who explained that they could pull up the transaction on the till from my card. I was very impressed that this could be done. Chris found the transaction and explained that they would swap the boots for me. I walked out of the store with a new pair of boots on. The boots felt more sturdy than the ones I had bought previously. I am very happy with my experience. I thought that I would get a "sorry we cannot help without your receipt" comment, but instead I got exceptional customer service. Thank you too Chris and the staff who were all amazing while I was in. I am very grateful for the policy of being able to look at a transaction and swap if there is a fault. It saved me having to throw my boots out and buy a new pair. Carolyn

Tommy Fotheringham 16/11/2013

Emma was a great help

Diane 19/11/2013

Excellent service. You did not have the shoes I wanted in store so I was told you could order them for me and get delivered to my home address free of charge. This service was amazing - received a text to say they were on their way and only took 2 days - fantastic. Shoes are just what I wanted. Huge thanks to staff especially Caitlin who served me - lovely girl.

Alan 30/11/2013

Great service with a smile.

Gail Haynes 29/11/2013

Excellent customer service from David at the Frederick Street, Edinburgh store. I called the store with a query about the item I was interested in purchasing and he could not have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble! He put the item I was interested in aside for me until I went round to have a look and then purchased. Without him being so accommodating I might not have bothered to go in and purchase. A credit to the Company!

Bianca 02/12/2013

I was served by cara. I had excellent service. When I got to the till I was greeted with a smile from Kelly who was very polite and helpful.

Robert Joyce 03/12/2013

Hannah who served me was, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Brilliant service, well explained.

Martha Clark 10/01/2014

Staff very friendly, 'real' and not too in your face which I really don't like. I had a nice chat with them about the shoes I bought. Plus shoes are cool and real cheap in the sale!

Ashlyn 21/01/2014

The service is great. But I am afraid the TOMS shoes size is a little bit smaller than normal ones.

Damian  21/01/2014

On arrival I experienced an extremely warm welcome. Within merely a matter of minutes of browsing I was approached by a member of staff enquiring if I required any assistance to which I accepted. My mother was looking to try on a pair of shoes with intention to purchase. A young lady by the name of Lauren assisted us in getting the right pair of shoes. She was extremely helpful not to forget polite. Our transaction at the till was processed by another young lady by the name or Emma who was also extremely helpful and polite. On a whole our visit to your store was an enjoyable experience which I'd defiantly recommended as a place to go to anyone requiring new footwear.

Campbell Lewis 11/01/2014

Good guidance and swift service, normally it takes ages to be served in Schuh but not on this occasion.

Ruth Gebbie 11/01/2014

Attentive staff, cheery atmosphere and good selection of product.

Bethan Mitchell 16/01/2014

Absolutely delighted with the service I received today. The boots I had purchased were faulty and the sales person got the manager and they sorted this out with a smile. Great customer service and I will continue shopping at Schuh.

Gordon B McFatter 09/03/2014

Loved being able to reserve online & collect in store, staff very friendly, well presented, knowledgable great customer service.

Manveer Rahi 23/01/2014

Purchased a pair of Size 7 Nike Air Max trainers in store today. All staff were friendly and courteous in particular the person serving me, Ashwin, was a great help in selecting a pair of trainers that fit my needs and my budget! Brilliant service by the whole team and would definitely purchase from the store again!

N. Isa 22/01/2014

I bought a pair of Vans Authentics from the same store about 3 years ago, brilliant shoe, so I returned for another pair. At the checkout I was assisted by Caitlin (198) who noticed the soles of the shoes I had picked up were a slightly different shade, and went to get a matching pair. I would probably not have even noticed until it was too late. Great job Caitlin! Thanks.

Jair 26/01/2014

Dave MacDonald 29/01/2014

From checking the website , knew which boots I was interested in. Didn't have the exact ones but still bought a pair of Timberland. Fantastic service and a good price with student discount. Not had such good service for a long time, would definitely return to this store.

Marilena  30/01/2014

The service was really good and the girl who assisted me was helpful.

NoOn and Yod 02/02/2014

We are so happy to let you know that the members of staff from Frederick St, Edinburgh are very nice and working as lovely teamwork especially James who is very KFC (Kindly, Friendly and Caring). Thank you and James so much!

Megan watson  07/02/2014

Alex Williams 08/02/2014

Noticeably good customer service from both members of staff who assisted me. Our assistant was helpful and friendly, and the cashier double checked the shoes and ensured we knew about the returns policy in case I changed my mind. There was also no wait to be attended to.

Yvonne Forrest 21/05/2014

Staff especially Gillian very helpful, friendly but not intrusive. Left with exactly what I wanted.

Mrs Johnson 23/05/2014

We visited this store on 21.5.14 for shoes for my husband. Can I commend your staff. The staff in this shop are the friendliest and most helpful staff I have met. Not only the staff member who was serving us but all the staff were friendly, Even giving us ideas of where to eat and asking us if we were having a good time on holiday. Give them the award of best staff in Edinburgh.

sheila mckinlay 19/05/2014

the service i received was excellent

DARREN GRAY 23/02/2014

mary collins 25/02/2014

John 06/03/2014

Excellent personal service. Opinions highly valued

Helen Stewart 15/05/2014

great service, costomer friendly.

William Edinburgh 15/05/2014

This was my first visit in this shop. a very friendly and a Top Notch Service. I will be back !-)

Jennifer selfridge  15/05/2014

Staff were very friendly and helpful

Gonzalo Fernandez 30/06/2014

Very good customer care from the beginning to the end of my shopping. The assistants, for example Paul, they were very approachable and looking after my needs. The cashier, Gemma, checked the item, very friendly and also payed my attention to the feedback. Thanks.

Ian McCulloch 02/07/2014

Good and attentive sales person. Particularly impressed with the young lady that rang through my order. I bought 2 pairs of shoes today and she took each shoe out and checked it to see that each pair was was a true pair and correct size and matched them up sole to sole to see that they matched correctly. Glad of the attention to ensure Im leaving your shop with the correct purchase. Thank you

Allan McKay 16/03/2014

Great service

Joan.Nicolson 30/03/2014

Friendly and efficient service as usual from the team at Schuh Frederick Street. David was really helpful checking the stock system, for the Vans off the wall range. Great selection. I especially liked the Beatles, the flowery, and grey dot all available from stock. The green checkerboard order was ready for collection next day! Later I nipped in again for a pair of grey checkerboard, which were available from stock. Cashier Gillian was also friendly, and enthusiastic. It makes such a difference when staff enjoy giving good service, and always ensures my repeat custom.

Rémi 21/04/2014

P 21/04/2014

Cashier 050 Emma Assistant 198 Caitlin Staff friendly and helpful

fiona 05/06/2014

Staff were very welcoming into the store this afternoon, Iain was welcoming at the front and Mia served me at the desk as I was collecting some shoes for a pick up. The staff had put these shoes on hold for me longer as I could not make it into town earlier which was extremely helpful.

Graham Reaves 05/06/2014

Very helpful and friendly staff (David [McIntyre?]). Efficient service and a quick in and out for me.

June Storm 09/06/2014

Assistant extremely helpful - enjoyed making my purchase!

Lawrence Rutherford  07/06/2014

I was listened to what kind of shoe I was looking for, which was not very usual as I needed to have qualities for air travel and walking, flexible and light yet strong enough for most conditions. The staff member asked for help and this was provided with a great attitude and helpfulness. After a small variety of choices I tried one and found it to be just right. Except for having leather laces which I can easily change. I was impressed and told Emma I would recommend a pay rise as she really impressed me with her care and good thinking. I have never been to the shop before I asked for the particular shoe ingredients and I walked out with what I wanted. Congratulations on your excellent staff.

John Patterson 11/06/2014

Really happy with the service when placing the order and the friendly and efficient staff on collection.

Chris Lindsay 12/06/2014

Brilliant service - all your staff in store were cheerful and super helpful. As the one of the pairs of shoes I wanted wasn't in stock, they organised for next day delivery. Your service for this was also first rate - clear, helpful and simple to understand. I am very impressed & happy with your service. Thanks!

Isabelle Knops 29/08/2014

The service I received was first class! I will definitely come back \(^.^)Y

Emma 02/09/2014

I was served by Gillian, really impressed with her service and friendliness. Think you should by her a cupcake (she will understand!!!!) I came to the store twice and she remembered who I was great personal touch.

Mariel 12/04/2014

It's the second time I've had the pleasure to buy an item from your store and the service is amazing. Everyone is very helpful and friendly, showing you all the options, ready to answer any questions and making friendly conversation. It's super efficient and you leave the store with a smile on your face. Both the assistant the cashier were lovely. Thank you! Will definitely shop again! :)

Amanda ward 12/04/2014

Assistant 169( Gillian) gave absolutely great service. I never give feedback but just feel that this level of service shouldn't go unmentioned ( especially as I'd just shopped in the gyle shop and received good service) and even in a different shop the excellent standards were maintained . Thankyou

Calum 15/04/2014

Bought trainers in store on the thursday and at my door by 12.00 on the friday, ready for friday night

Elsie Ward 17/04/2014

Ash was such a good customer adviser to me. He helped me choose which trainer I wanted (as I was somewhat too excited by the choice!) and then chatted to me and seemed really interested in how I was doing. He was very friendly and gave excellent service. Well done Ash! After a hard day I was in a bad mood and he left me feeling much better by being so genuine. And I also love my new floral print Gazelles.

Emma 09/11/2014

Staff in this shop are the best! So friendly and helpful! Manager is great! Well done guys!

Sandra Innes 11/11/2014

The store assistant was extremely helpful, efficient and friendly, and the service was prompt. A very pleasurable shopping experience!

Niamh Bastow 15/11/2014

The cashier: 245: Andrew The Assistant: 258: Lauren Were both very kind and helpful when I visited the store.

Meg Chapman 29/05/2014

The staff could not have been more helpful and friendly, nothing was too much trouble for them. They took the time to ask what I was looking for and made suggestions. Will definitely be returning to your store and will recommend to friends. Althogether a very positive experience. Gold stars all around

Leona 26/07/2015

I've given 3.5 stars as I and a bit of a wait to be served. Once Ash realised he could not have been more apologetic and helpful, even though he was obviously serving someone else he juggled both customers easily and was charming and a pleasure to be served by.

Iona Mitchell 26/07/2015

We were served by a delightful person called Caitlin Hirst and were so surprised when we gave our name for our email that we had the same surname. This did not colour our view that she was so helpful, pleasant and efficient. Thank you Schuh we came away with a very happy granddaughter. Rosemary Hirst

Fran Gordon 05/06/2014

Very helpful, friendly and efficient service

cathie bingham 06/06/2014

This was my first visit to your store,I would come back again. The staff were so nice very helpful and efficient. Thank you.

Jennifer Bruce  09/07/2014

I ordered my shoes on Monday and they were delivered on Wednesday. First class service once again!!! Very happy customer!!

sally 13/07/2014

Helen was amazing nothing was too much trouble. thank you

Jennifer 14/07/2014

Gemma looked after me really well. I tried on a pair of shoes in the sale and the size had been marked on them incorrectly. Gemma advised that she could check for my size with another store and get them posted to my home address free of charge! Brilliant. I would never have known about this service if she hadn't mentioned it and I would have missed out. Really impressed.

Callum leuty 25/06/2014

Excellent service, my assistant, Susie,was courteous and helpful. I will be back for more good products.

brad margach 27/06/2014

David who served me was very polite and extremely helpful indeed always nice to have a nice welcome and unscripted chat rather then a sales pitch top bloke

Annette Tran 27/06/2014

Sales Assistant was informative and very helpful. Very polite too without being fake.

Caroline Lyon 06/07/2014

Great selection of shoes, shopping with 13 year old boy. Staff very friendly and helpful as always, nothing too much trouble and my son got shoes he loves.

Kirsteen Salen 09/07/2014

Excellent service, advice and helpful opinion. Def needed when shopping with a 12yr old girl. Great job.

Lindsay Craig 10/07/2014

Excellent polite service on a busy day.

Denise Strohsahl 21/08/2015

Very good service in the shop and on the website! Bought two pairs as I couldn't decide which one to buy. When I wanted to return one pair to get it in a different colour, I was able to check if the shoe was available in my size and colour at the branch and reserve it at the same time. When I went back the swap was quickly done and absolutely uncomplicated. Brilliant!!

Kathleen King 20/07/2014

My trip to Schuh was fine and the salespeople were efficient. I was returning a pair of shoes to order a bigger size. When the package was delivered by parcelforce I was disappointed at the condition of the contents. The box was broken and bashed and the shoes inside were not surrounded in paper as usual. The right shoe seemed bigger than the left. I have since returned them to the Gyle shop in Edinburgh and have re-ordered another pair. I am pleased with the service from the assistant there and hope that the next pair are suitable.

Elizabeth Duncan 17/07/2014

Just would like to say what wonderful customer service you have in your stores. Had a query yesterday about my converse 1 had faded while the other was still the original colour! Sales assistant in the shop was very helpful (sorry can't remember her name!) and advised me if I had a receipt or bank statement (to prove purchase) she would happily exchange. I managed to find a statement on line and returned to your Ocean Terminal branch, where staff there happily exchanged the converse. I had not expected to have them exchanged, as they are nearly a year old. There was no negotiating or debating the point with staff, they were happy to help. I have to say that I have found this in any branch I have been in. Keep up the good work!

Carmen Grant 24/07/2014

I had a good experience at schuh. My helper was Ash and he was extremely helpful and very friendly!

Mark Ringland 23/07/2014

Polite, efficient uncomplicated service. Thanks.

Elena 30/07/2014

I bought two pairs of shoes today with the fantastic assistance of Michael :) He was very very helpful!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!!

Helen 03/08/2014

This was my first time buying shoes from your schuh Edinburgh store and I will certainly be back, I was very impressed by the interest and helpfulness of my assistant jael, who went above and beyond to help me (I have dodgey feet and she did her best to help me pick out a good pair of trainers).

Barry Swan 12/08/2014

staff very helpful and I also got a bargain in the boots I got.

Brian Smith 22/08/2014

Very helpful assistant (Ash) I went in to look, not expecting to buy, but did.

Cat Astbury 18/08/2014

Karen was super lovely and friendly helping me pick my Vans. Thank you! :)


Dear Sirs, I have to write to thank your staff of Schuh, in Frederick Street, Edinburgh, for the helpful and courteous way I was served. Laura and Gillian, one of them was the manager, were patient and calm although the shop was extremely busy. Most other retailers could learn a lot from you on how to treat customers. I and my family have already returned to purchase more footwear. Congratulations and many thanks, Graham Galloway

Josh 02/10/2014

Both sales assistants that dealt with me were very attentive and friendly and offered to deliver my items to my house address because they were out of stock in the store. They informed me of the returns policy and the delivery system and so I left a very happy customer, even though I didn't leave with any shoes :P. Will definitely be shopping there again! Cashier: 116 Mia Assistant: 010 Rory

Steve 07/10/2014

Very helpful staff, comfy shoes too.

Lindsay duff 01/10/2014

Always excellent customer service.

Sandra 17/10/2014

Came into the store at 5 to 6pm (shortly before the shop closes). Lewis was very nice, extremely patient and professionally. I wanted a pair of shoes so bad. He helped me to make them fit lol (with the help from an insole!) And even after 6pm the staff members made some jokes! Absolutely marvellous!

Jason Bond 16/10/2014

Both Lauren and Nicole were warm, friendly and very helpful with helping me find a pair of shoes for work - they are a credit to your store

Chenchen 06/09/2014

Very good service and always cheerful and friendly even when I took a long time to decide.

Fraser Blythe 06/09/2014

I came in store today just to look at trainers and was very impressed with level of customer service I received. Several different employees approached me to offer their services upon looking round the shop and I found a pair of shoes that was I interested in trying on. A colloeage kindly got a pair in my size and was very conversational and helpful while trying it on, matching the great positivity apparent in store.

Garry Ewing 07/10/2014

Very good customer service and a lot of patience. I asked for a size 8 in three different types of trainer and i was surprised that a common size like a size 8 wasn't available in so many brands. Eventually found a size at 4th attempt.

Heather Wells 19/10/2014

Karen was very friendly and chatty and I felt very comfortable talking to her. She seemed very experienced and knew what she was talking about. I liked that she had the time to talk to me as sometimes it can feel a bit rushed but not this time. Will be coming back again.

Ella Gordon 22/10/2014

Friendly staff, cashier who served me (Gillian) was very nice and engaged me in conversation. Great service all round.

Amy 02/11/2014

The staff were so friendly and welcoming and took care of any needs that I had. Great shop with lots of variety of products and I will definitely be shopping here again!

edwardwebb 14/11/2014

served by rachael nothing was too muchtrouble with consider patience service at the tillfine with laura.

frances oshea 21/11/2014

after being in every shoe shop in princes street and being largely ignored walked into your Frederick street branch was approached by a delightful young lady understood exactly what i was after made my purchase very happy

Lindsay Duncan 22/11/2014

Very fast and very helpful, made everything very easy and quick for me! Thanks Lauren

Caroline Bald 05/02/2015

Ash was excellent, very helpful. He gave us lots of tips about sizing & lacing. #SMC

M Shepherd 23/02/2015

The service was very good. The assistant approached us quickly and was able to bring the 2 pairs of shoes in the correct size for my daughter to try on. The staff were relaxed and friendly and eager to assist.

Courtney 02/03/2015

Great customer service seems to be a rarity these days so, when it happens, it should be acknowledged! Karen, at the Frederick Street store, was friendly, knowledgable and helpful!

Scott McDade 02/03/2015

Fantastic customer service and a tidy shop with plenty of staff around to help me.

Laura 26/12/2014

Quick service and friendly staff

David 23/11/2014

I was on Holiday from the US and in dire need of new shoes. I wore out my old pair taking in the sights. Abbie was fabulous. She was so helpful finding the right shoes in my size (13UK) I love m y new Doc Martins! They saw many a pub in Edinburgh and London! I wish Schuh would open in the US! Cheers Abbie!

Anjelica  04/12/2014

Amazing fast service! Was as quick and painless as shopping can be!

Caroline sloan  05/02/2015

Helpful staff and great service. Excellent variety of shoes. Love this shop

Kirsty Chalmers  07/02/2015

Staff were very friendly and attentive. I didn't have to wait long to try on or pay for my boots.

Maggie Stewart  15/05/2015

Was served by Sarah , who despite serving other customers was an absolute gem. She was polite, courteous and helpful. She made the shopping experience a joy.

Captiva Mills 16/05/2015

Store assistant, Rosa, was super helpful and friendly. Gave a lot of useful information which helped me make my decision over which shoes to buy. She was really busy and had multiple customers to serve yet still did not rush us. A raise is definitely deserved!! Thanks

Debbie McKay 03/12/2014

Easily the most outstanding retail experience on the British High Street.Friendly but not pushy, well informed staff and plenty of them. Order and collect process worked exactly as promised.Fantastic returns policy. If Schuh can operate a 365 day refund arrangement why are some retailers offering exchange only? I say boycott all retailers who won't provide refunds! Well done Schuh.

shannon johnston 06/12/2014

I was in the store yesterday looking for a pair of glitter converse I asked a member of staff for my size he went away to get it and took some time. Helen then came over to me and explained that the converses should have been in store but they could not be found anywhere she kept looking for me she tried her best, the service I received from her was spectacular. she came back to me and told me she would get them sent out to my house the next day with no charge and she also gave me a discount this was so nice of her the customer service was great she made my experience very good and I will be back in the near future.

Jenna 08/05/2015

Very nice

ANNE M. CAMERON 12/05/2015


Shireen  15/12/2014

Busy store but assistant serving me was extremely helpful and friendly regardless of the fact that she was serving a few other customers at the same time. She brought me a great alternative when the boots I wanted to try weren't in stock in that store. (The girl serving me was different from the girl on the cash desk. She was new I think-young, blonde and very smiley!)

Paul MacEachen  10/12/2014

Rating - 5.0 Order/Receipt Number - 005420000230 I went into Schuh on Frederick St in Edinburgh today to buy a pair of brown Dr Marten Desert boots and was served by a girl called Rosie. She was friendly, chatty, polite and provided a really high standard of customer service during my time trying on the shoes and then buying them. No hard selling, just good old fashioned friendly customer service. I've been in this Schuh store a few times recently and have been impressed by the friendliness of the staff I've encountered but Rosie today eclipsed my previous customer experiences with her warm and polite manner. Thanks, I'll definitely come back to shop in this Schuh again.

Sharon Haxton 12/12/2014

The staff were extremely attentive and helpful. I was very pleased with the service I received from the sales assistant to the girl on the till. I was also really impressed with the returns policy. I would definitely shop in Schuh again.

Martin Taylor 19/01/2015

Shop assistant very helpful and friendly! Could not ask for a better more professional service! Top Notch!! The converse I bought aren't to shabby either. Cheers :)

Ellen 21/01/2015

I went into the store to look for a new pair of durable winter boots, and was helped enourmously by the sales assistant Shelly. She was friendly and gave great advice, so much so I ended up buying a fanastic pair of boots in the sale. I told her exactly what I was looking for and she quickly found me the perfect pair. In addition, one of the boots had been used for display so had a few scuffs and she kindly went into the back room and managed to remove the worst of the marks. I have had fantastic service today and will be going back to that store soon no doubt!

Jordan redfearn 23/04/2015

Very helpful and friendly service from Karen.

YINGYI DENG 29/12/2014

Hi, thanks for Lucy's help at the branch store and also thanks Zoe's helpful advice about return and exchange over the phone when I found the scratch on the boots after I arrived at home. However, it's the uggs josette boot's workmanship and poor quality that I find it disappointed, the bow's stiches are not in line & some marks on the side of the one boot, and the stiches' details in general are not well finished. I will return the one i bought just now as I'm not happy about the quality. I wish the workmanship could be up to standard as I really like the boots design and this is exclusive item from you. Thanks.

Chris Smith 31/12/2014

Rosie was brilliant today. She made the extra effort with suggestions to help with our purchases and find what we were looking for. Outstanding!

Denise 06/01/2015

I was served by Shelley .She was really helpful and cheery. I didn't even need to stand in the queue to pay for my lovely UGGS!! She brought over the portable payment method ... She is a credit to the store.

Richy Edwards 10/01/2015

Hi guys -I'm a firm believer in always bringing a good report, I feel like far too many people are too quick to complain and share negative views so I've decided that in 2015, each day I'm going to declare what I'm THANKFUL for... And today, I'm Thankful for YOU GUYS! I love that you guys still have a very simple and clean look about the store -from the way you always have your shoes displayed in a way that makes my shopping life easier because you've just shown me what looks great to the fantastic options you guys have. I love it! The service i receive in Schuh, regardless of where I am in the country is always outstanding! Thank you! I'm staying thankful and positive, keep up the good work and have a great year! :)

Dean Cunningham  16/01/2015

Was served by assistant 169 - Gillian who was an exceptionally helpful and provided outstanding yet natural service. 10/10 :)

Yvonne 16/01/2015

Great store to visit...alll staff so so helpful but not pushy. Shelley was excellent....showed me alternative s on wall screen and bought 3 pairs shoes today. Love your stores. Also offered me canvas bag tho I didnt buy one she came across as doing an excellent job all round.

Perry Hope 02/05/2015

Was helped by a staff member named freddie who was excellent. Was not punched in the face or anything, fantastic. :)

Chris 02/05/2015

Came into the store and was greeted and served by Sarah. She provided quick and efficient service and advised me on trainers that I bought. Never had any problems coming into this store. Staff are always attentive and very friendly!

Matt MacDonald 04/05/2015

Hello, I need to congratulate you on what I can honestly say is the single best customer service I have ever received. I have been served twice now by a man named Lewis. He has been incredibly attentive, courteous and not in the least pushy. In have had two faulty items returned, and what could have been an annoyance was in fact a pleasure. I am so impressed that I will certainly make Schuh my go to shoe retailer in future. I might add all staff that I have dealt with, in this store, were fantastic. Make sure you do your best to hold on to Lewis, he is an asset. Kind regards, Matt.

Aidan 06/05/2015

Credit where it's due - I received good service from one of your staff members today. She helped me find the right shoes and, though there was no stock availability in the desired colour, she was able to process a delivery order. Very helpful and quick. Thanks.

Fiona mallace 06/05/2015

I ordered shoes in store and when I got home I saw it was the wrong size that the girl had ordered me . I know I should have checked this before I left store but still think if a customer is paying £50.00 your staff should order right size . Very with service.

Nicola Sneddon 07/05/2015

Greetings, To let you know that due to illness I called this branch, as I have been there in the past. I had a list of several pairs of shoes I hoped to buy, and a delightful lady called Sarah assisted me. Sarah was friendly, and thoroughly helpful. She offered advice about sizing and your free delivery service. She has an enthusiasm for helping customers which, being unwell, I greatly value. It was a long call and no question was too much trouble for her. I am now looking forward to my shoes arriving. Since I have bought from you before, I anticipate only success with my purchases. Thank you to Sarah, and to Schue ! Kind regards, Nicola Sneddon

Eliza Wright 07/05/2015

We were served very quickly without having to ask for help, the assistant, Freddie, was knowledgeable about fitting my 12-year-old's shoes, and I really appreciated being able to pay on his portable card reader instead of having to queue at a till.

Euan Reid 28/02/2015

Rosie provided outstanding service, many thanks to her for her patience and help in finding the right shoes in the right size.

Catarina Campelo 03/03/2015

I have been these days in Edinburgh, and went to shopping in your store. I really liked a lot your service. When I was shopping I had help from Karen, and she always been very professional and very sweet. I pretend to go again to Edinburgh very soon, and I definitely I will go visit your store again. For now, I will follow your store with facebook and with your website. Thank you.

Ronald Muirhead 06/03/2015

My husband was looking for a specific type of shoe today, and with the help of Jane he managed to find what he was looking for ... She was helpful and knew what she was talking about and listened, so all in all, our experience in store today was excellent ...

Jade 14/04/2015

Very good

Julie McMillan 17/04/2015

We have been into your Frederick street store twice in the last two weeks. On both occasions we were served by Lewis. The first time the shoes I wanted were not in stock. Lewis ordered them in for me telling me I would receive a txt when they came in. He was so kind and seemed to know so much about your products, because of this we went back a week later and bought some Red or Dead sandles.again we were served by Lewis who once again was so kind and helpful. I spoke to him about another shoe which was not available in store so he printed off the code so I could order on line. I was not asked to give feedback but felt the service we were offered was outstanding. My nearest store is the Gyle in Edinburgh but I will continue to use Frederick street in the hope of being served by Lewis. Many thanks for wonderful service.

Andrew Currie 22/03/2015

Sales assistant Karen was very helpful. the store did not have either of the two styles of trainer that I originally wanted. Karen offered to order them for me, mentioned the delivery was free, and offered to get me other colours to try on for size. In the end I purchase a different two pairs of trainers. There is a customer service attitude in this store which is rare in retail with everyone in the unit being very helpful and communicative. Whole process around your mobile till system was also very smooth.

Loris 22/03/2015

Great customer service, thanks Eryn242

Eric Martin 20/02/2015

Natalie who served me has brilliant customer service and I was happy that she demonstrated she was willing to go the extra mile.

Katrina Chalmers  16/07/2015

I reserved a pair of Skechers Black Leather Bikers Shoes in size 6 but found they were too big so tried a size 5 instead. The assistant that helped me, Karen, brought me a selection of flats to choose from including the Skechers that I ended up going for! Karen was helpful, patient and made my customer service experience at Schuh great.

Emma laverie 18/07/2015

Very helpful and professional staff. Thanks for your help.

Robyn Mcgregor  30/01/2016

Had a reserved order,staff were v pleasant and happy to help and was super quick and easy Was served by Ryan and couldn't have had a better experience in store

Euan 27/01/2016

The staff were very friendly and accommodating. When the item I wanted was out of stock they were very helpful in finding a similar style shoe. Great shopping experience and will return in the future.

lorna moseley 12/06/2015

Assistant 260 called Rosie sold me a pair of sketchers shoes. She was absolutely delightful - so helpful and on a really hot busy day. She was a credit to your shop - but I will just say I only shop in this shop once a year and always buy shoes the selection is excellent but the staff are also excellent especially young Rosie. Best wishes Lorna Moseley This was on 11 06 2015

Denver Rumney 11/06/2015

Friendly, polite, and great service. Thanks Jess and Ash.

S.Henderson 29/03/2015

The most comfortable shoes I've bought in years! The service was excellent,Rachael especially needs mentioned for her welcoming smile(that was real) and attentiveness without being pushy.Also the staff gave me space to make up my mind.Will be back.Thanks

Pat Paterson 30/03/2015

Fantastic store service, could not have asked for any better. Assistant was so helpful, nothing was a problem. She made our Granddaughter so happy going to so much bother to ensure she got the trainers she wanted. Thank you so much. The ordering system also was perfect, I was emailed throughout the morning until they arrived. Will be back !!!

Katie Purves 31/03/2015

really helpful and welcoming service from rachael :)

Katie Purves 31/03/2015

really helpful and welcoming service from rachael :)

david souness 03/04/2015

Nicole was extremely helpful. I was in to get trainers for my daughter and she did everything she could to make sure I got the correct ones showing me pictures as the shoes weren't on display. She went out of her way to help and it was really appreciated. Very approachable and friendly.

Mairi Freeden 27/06/2015

very friendly and efficient service from Nicole. It felt like she was genuinely interested!

Jack maccarthy 23/06/2015

Quick and easy card payments Good variety of shoes Love 10% student discount However to some time to be served

Tony Hudson 25/06/2015

I've been looking for baseball boots for many years now ever since Nike changed their styles. Did a Google search and found what I'd been looking for available in Schuh. I payed a visit and was given the utmost service from the staff. A young lady, Lauren, was assigned to my needs. I wasn't in the shop even twenty minutes and I came away with two pairs of baseball boots, the kind I've been after for years. All I can say is if you have footwear needs then this shop, Schuh, based on Frederick Street should be considered a first stop/call for footwear needs. The staff really do pay attention to customer needs. Thank you.

Tony Hudson 25/06/2015

I've been looking for baseball boots for many years now ever since Nike changed their styles. Did a Google search and found what I'd been looking for available in Schuh. I payed a visit and was given the utmost service from the staff. A young lady, Lauren, was assigned to my needs. I wasn't in the shop even twenty minutes and I came away with two pairs of baseball boots, the kind I've been after for years. All I can say is if you have footwear needs then this shop, Schuh, based on Frederick Street should be considered a first stop/call for footwear needs. The staff really do pay attention to customer needs. Thank you.

Robyn 15/06/2015

Wanted to say how impressed I was with the customer service at this store. People asked if they could help, but were not pushy and left me to browse. The two women who helped me find the right style and size were so helpful, providing an alternative option and getting other shoes out when I changed my mind. The store was extremely busy but I didn't feel rushed to make a decision. The girl who dealt with me most of the time was clearly serving a number of people at once but made sure she was always available, was smiley and provided helpful comments. Thanks!

Ecaterina 01/06/2015

Best staff!! And really clean inside!!

Dorothy Sulman 30/05/2015

Excellent service by Lauren 226 - friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you.

Kasia 05/06/2015

Great Customer Service! Ash, who was helping me with the purchase, was very friendly and knew everything about the product. Thank you Ash :)

Marje Ramage 06/06/2015

Helpful service in store. Next day delivery as promised. Trainers very comfortable. Excellent experience all round.

stephen 05/06/2015

Sarah (296) was more than helpful today in store! made it nice and easy!" thanks

Shannon Gaffney 09/06/2015

Staff were very friendly and efficient! props to Rosie

shona tilley  20/04/2015

The 3 members of staff that I spoke to were very pleasant and very helpFull. Got to exchange my trainers and baught my son a pair. The shop has a great vibe. Definitely will travel to Frederick Street store from now on rather than livingston as just a phone call to the livingston store was enough to stop me from shopping there.

Andrew McCulloch 24/04/2015

I bought a pair of Base brogues this morning in your Frederick St store - served by Lewis who I thought was excellent - he listened to what I was looking for and made suggestions accordingly without trying to force a sale on me. Good unobtrusive advice and a credit to your team.

Nick clapperton 24/04/2015

The shop assistants where very helpful from the word go. Not pushy . The item I wanted was not in stock. So asked if I wanted it delivered the next day, in a calm and polite manner. Once I got home, I received an email to confirm my order was being delt with by a shop assistant at the store I was in. I was kept fully informed about my order until it arrived the next day. Very good service indeed.

Carolynne Kemp 01/10/2015

Got a pair of Toms from the Edinburgh store recently. The staff are very friendly and more than happy to help and I love the shoes. Schuh is always my go to place for new shoes!

Louise Erskine 30/09/2015

Very pleasant,helpful assistant. Didn't have boots in my size ,but were ordered and arrived 24 hours later. Fabulous service.

Abigail Gray 01/10/2015

My server Lauren was lovely and very helpful.

Charlotte  05/07/2015

I just wanted to pass on some great customer service feedback! I was shopping in your Edinburgh store on Frederick street last week shoe hunting for my boyfriends birthday present. A young assistant called Susie helped us out on shop floor, and was great with her knowledge and she ended up ordering us a pair of Janoskis. Unfortunately the style just wasn't quite right so I took them back in store today for a refund, and was coincidentally served by Susie again at the till. She was really pleasant both times, a lovely girl, and made shoe shopping a little less laborious. Working in retail myself I know how nice it can be to receive a small compliment so I thought I'd pass along my praise. Thanks Susie! :)

Timothy Crangle 21/12/2015

Staff were really friendly. Helped out so much! Thanks a lot guys!

Hannah 22/12/2015

Really helpful and friendly staff - even when it was so busy with Christmas shoppers! Nicole made things very easy and cut down my waiting time by processing the card payment herself meaning no long queues for me! She also explained all the details I would need if returning the present which was also really helpful!

Sandy 30/01/2016

Hi dear schuh team. We were advised by different staff members on Saturday the 16th. All of them were fabulous, very nice, polite and funny. However, my partner said that when you ask for help the person you ask should help and not telling you "I go and get you someone". He was a bit disappointed but this didn't stop us from buying with you or coming back!! (We can't remember her name but we think it was one of the managers.) Nevertheless we had a great experience in your store. David at the till was simply the best!!! I promised him to leave a feedback. Sorry David, it took me a bit longer than expected :( when we left the store we realised that the brown shoes my partner first tried on were cheaper than the black ones we ordered for him so we went back to check if there was a mistake with the label. David took his time to explain to us that sometimes the same style but different colours have different prices (due to the popularity and stock levels). He couldn't be more helpful!! Thanks again David and also the other two girls who helped us finding a perfect pair of shoes for me and my partner. We'll be back soon! (Probably today as i need an insole haha) Sandy xxxx

Madeleine Kirkwood  13/09/2015

Great service I ordered my shoes in store on a Saturday and to my surprise they were delivered on Sunday

carly curry 13/09/2015

Staff member was pleasant and friendly from the outset. Offered me to pay wireless so I didn't have to queue. The store was v busy on a sat afternoon but he didn't rush me or get stressed with other customers waiting. Asked me questions about me and why I was in Edinburgh which was nice. Wasn't just selling shoes but interested in me as a person

claire morris 14/09/2015

Customer Name Claire Morris E-Mail Address: claire.morris113@gmail.com Rating 5.0 star(s) Order/Receipt Number 5410010336 Feedback given I wanted to pass on an outstanding visit I had to your Frederick Street store. I came specifically to buy shoes that I could wear with my orthotic insoles, I instantly went to the 'running' shoes section as thats always what I thought were the best options. I grabbed a few pairs of Nike's that I liked the look of and a girl got me my sizes. Whilst I was trying them on I explained to the girl I was looking for something to wear with my insoles, she agreed and said yes these would be good shoes for that. Whilst she was off getting me a different style and guy came over and asked how I was getting on. I told him what I was looking for and he immediately told me I was looking in the wrong section and that all the shoes I was trying would not work with orthotics. He had a quick conversation with me about my style and what I was looking for in a shoe and directed me towards a Converse Chuck2. I have worn Con's for the last 20 years but was completely unaware of this style that is designed specifically for orthotics. Without the outstanding level of service and product knowledge of your sales assistant I would have walked away with the completely wrong type of shoes, having spent twice as much money on a style of shoe I don't particularly like wearing. I have worked in the service industry for over 10 years so I can appreciate exactly the level of customer service I received and it should be noted that you have someone like this on your team. I hope all your staff are taking notes from this employee. I believe his name was Lewis. Thank you for a great shopping experience, I will be back.

Rachel Laird 15/09/2015

Laura is a legend. She acknowledged me so well and was attentive all the way through my shopping experience. She knew exactly what I needed and had additional sizes on hand and was ready to answer all my questions relating to the shoe. She was able to give me some advice on outfits that I could wear the shoes with - she obviously has a keen eye for fashion and emerging trends. Her chat was good and was generally so accomodating. Laura is a fantastic ambassador for the Frederick Street store. I want Laura to be my pal!

Cameron Gray 15/09/2015

Ordered a pair of kids converse in the Livingston Store to be collected from the Frederick Street Store in Edinburgh. Staff were very helpful. Went to collect from Frederick Street to find that your warehouse had mixed up the order and sent through a pair of Men's size 11 adidas. The store were helpful and said they would re-order. Returned to the store when prompted to collect the trainers. Opened the box in store to find the right trainers but with a mark on them this time. Again unable to collect. The staff did offer a £2.50 reduction and then sent the trainers again. Thankfully 3rd time lucky, I have got the correct goods. Shop Staff were very good and very accommodating but the inconvenience of it all suggests I may shop elsewhere rather than use your warehouse transfer system again.

Nathan 22/05/2015

would giver her 5/5 was such a lovely assistant. Her name was Rachel according to the receipt

Sophie 22/05/2015

Really helpful as we tried on a lot of options. Lewis gave great advice as well and didn't push us to buy anything.

Bethany Mackenzie 25/05/2015

I really enjoyed the service from this shop. My assistant and cashier was Karen, she was very chatty and lovely! I also found it very good how this store had portable credit card machines so I didn't have to move from my spot. My friend and I both found it very good. Your staff produced high qualify customer service, you should be proud to have them as staff!!

Aimee Robertson 21/05/2015

Great service at the Frederick street store. The member of staff who helped me ordered my trainers to arrive at my house the next day as they didnt have my size in store, very pleased. Thank you Schuh!

Nikki 21/05/2015

Very friendly greeting when we arrived, were asked a couple of times if we needed help with anything which was nice. When we finally decided the staff member Karen was amazing, when asked her opinion she was honest which was refreshing, she was very friendly and easy to talk to. Would definitely come back to this store again.

kathryn 29/05/2015

Received great service from Lewis when helping me select a pair of converses, had great banter as well. I will be back to shop again

Alan Fisher 30/05/2015

Totally successful shopping trip aided by polite and efficient staff. Great job.

Joanne galloway 30/05/2015

Visited princess street store with my son & was very impressed with the service. Although the store was busy we were approached quickly by staff who were very helpful. I was unsure of my sons size so was helped by Lewis who was so professional & pleasant with both my son & I. We were thrilled with the service we received. Schuh's staff could teach office a thing or two on customer service! I will Definitely be recommending your kids shoe fitting service to friends as well as the fantastic service we received. Well done Lewis & thanks for the balloon & sticker!

Babak Esmaeili 30/05/2015

Ash is one awesome guy. Thanks Bro, for being such a nice adviser

Samantha Tarbet 31/05/2015

Sarah was really nice, polite, friendly, chatty and extremely helpful when I tried on some shoes. I wish much more assistants were as nice and helpful as she was. Top customer service. I am happy with my new trainers. Thank you.

Ciara Webb  28/06/2015

Love the portable payment method, saved me queueing!

Andy 11/08/2015

If you really must insist on segregating your store by gender even for fairly unisex shoes like Converse, could you at least try to make the selection available on the men's side of the divide a bit less crashingly boring?

donna 16/08/2015

I was unhappy with the service considering I was about to spend 90.00 the guy was interested in helping and more interested in talking to his pal. Walked out and left No sale as hung around too long

Louise Whittle 21/07/2015

Excellent service. Very very helpful staff.

Robbie 21/07/2015

Another good trip, was pleased with the ranges available and the staff were great, helpful, knew their stuff and were always on hand but not in my face.

John D Robertson 11/07/2015

Couldn't fault Iain (300) on his service. Quick and efficient. 10 out of 10.

Samir  13/07/2015

The service was prompt and professional, i was helped to chose my trainers by Natalie and at the check-out by Rosa. Very smiley and helpful i just felt at ease. Thank you Natalie and Rosa.

Cristina 19/09/2015

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service!!! I was in the store yesterday to get some shoes, got the right size, but not the color I wanted. Everything was so easy! I got them delivered to my home the very next morning, it's unbelievable how easy and efficient everything was. A big thanx to the delivery people, for working so hard and swiftly! PS: the shoes are perfect! Thank youuuu! :)

Susan Forbes 21/09/2015

While on a few days holiday in Edinburgh I visited the schuh store as the style/colour I wanted was out of stock in Aberdeen and not available online - Adam and Alannah were very helpful and managed to locate the last pair in UK - in Nuneaton. Before I had left the store I received a call on my mobile from the customer service who completed the sale very efficiently and arranged to have the shoes delivered to my home address. They arrived on Friday and I am most impressed by how helpful the staff were and how easy everything was. Top marks from a very satisfied customer.

MRS HALL 22/09/2015

Hello I returned a pair of black rocket dogs shoes to the Edinburgh store on Sunday 13th sept and the male young manager was extremely helpful and offered me a full refund as the shoes were faulty. Within 24hours I had a replacement pair at my door , excellent service I would definitely use this company again MRS HALL

Fiona 26/09/2015

David made the experience of buying my 2 year old daughters 1st boots a happy memory. He had such a lovely manner & the way he engaged with Mariella was perfect. He gave great advice about the fit of 2 different types of boots we tried on her. I will bring my 6 year old daughter back for her winter boots soon.

Kieran Lambert 15/11/2015

Hannah was very patient, polite and attentive to me and my wife. We placed an order in store and left very happy.

Cat Hill 23/11/2015

Excellent buying experience. The staff were so lovely! They really helped me find the boots for me. Three members of staff really stood out and I would like them to know. They were Laura, Natalie and Hollie. Each were helpful informative and great communicators. Will definitely shop in this store again.

Paul McLenaghan 23/11/2015

Im an old guy (bus pass age) but very sexy ! and foot wear is important to me. On the 14th of November I bought two pairs of boots from this store, paid cash and then threw away the receipt. When wearing one pair of Timberlands around the house they began to 'rub' and I chose to return them for a change of boot. The young team (Kirsty, Chris etc) could not have been more helpful, pleasant and good humoured whilst professional in their business. I also know that there was one chap that has been in that store for around 8 years so obviously he also enjoys his work. Anyway they made a situation which could have been difficult into a very pleasant experience. Thank You !

Rosie  28/08/2015

Rosie was so helpful and friendly. Thanks so much, I love my shoes!

K myles 10/10/2015

The young man who attended to us was very polite, friendly and helpful. Made us feel like valued customers.

Hassan Irshaad 07/10/2015

The employee Jess was pretty helpful and cool

Victoria Moore  11/10/2015

The boy I think who's name was Conner, was very helpful and it was so easy. Asked for the shoes and didn't even have to move from my seat the whole time I was in store. Was very impressed with how hassle free and efficient the whole experience was! Thanks again.

Sam 25/10/2015

Excellent customer service from sarah. Very helpful, very pleasant nothing seemed too much.

Julia 01/11/2015

Callum who served us was very patient with my indecisiveness when I came in looking for vans. He was very friendly and even showed me options from the website. Chatty throughout and never pushy, gave me time to think and ultimately gained a sale by doing that. Lovely guy who deserves lots of praise.

Gail McCulley 03/09/2015

Staff are always really helpful and friendly. Ready to assist without being pushy for sales. Love the boots I bought.

Sophie Kelsall 03/09/2015

I received great service today from Ellen and another young woman. They were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Thank you.

M & G 05/11/2015

It's always hard to buy shoes for my son, he hates it. But everyone was nice, Ash was fast and even entertained my son while trying the shoes very professionally to make sure the size was right for him. We were quickly out of the shop, happy with the new shoes and a balloon!

Heather Reid  06/11/2015

Fast effient service, ordered online and picked up in store. Great customer service and lovely boots.

Claire  28/01/2016

Alana was very friendly and helpful

Stuart McGregor 01/02/2016

Great service from many members of staff.

Jennifer Durie 07/02/2016

A huge thank you to both Manager -Laura and Cashier - Laura. The service they provided today was excellent.

Michael  29/02/2016

Great service from Sarah!

Gearoid  05/03/2016

Lovely girl served me, I have size 13s and its difficult for me to find shoes that fit in the style that I like. She was very helpful by showing the styles in stock. She had to make 3-4 trips to the stockroom and she couldn't have been more helpful. Thank u so much

Chris 18/10/2015

Danielle was excellent

Sara Armstrong 20/10/2015

Really friendly staff, very helpful, chatty and happy. Schuh is now my favourite shoe shop, having also shopped in the excellent Carlisle branch too. Great selection, excellent staff and a really pleasant experience. Thanks

Jenny 25/11/2015

Shop assistant was very friendly and helpful, also gave me her own insight to which shoes she thought suited me more which gave the whole experience a personal touch.

David Livingstone  27/11/2015

The store was pretty busy due to Black Friday sale but Managers and staff were on point as usual :)

Nicola Fitzpatrick 29/11/2015

Sales assistant was very helpful went out her way to attend to my needs very happy with service

Josh Mcleod 13/11/2015

Assistant was lovely and very helpful

Gavin Wilson  14/11/2015

The sales assistant Nicola was excellent gave great customer service even tho the shop was very busy. I will definitely shop in that shop again.

Morven 14/11/2015

Christopher and Rachael were both very helpful.

Sabina Nowak 01/12/2015

I was pleased and soooo happy with service assistants.. They were so useful and nice.. So after my shopping I recommended to my sister and actually we went back on the next day to order another pair of shoes.. hope you'll keep that attitude.. I'll recommend schuh store on princess street in Edinburgh to everyone. Thank you!

Douglas Krestoff 07/12/2015

Danielle was very helpful and displayed excellent customer service, making it very straightforward for me to buy my shoes :)

Claire Paterson 07/12/2015

Was served by Freddie. Lovely guy, great customer service and really helpful. Thank you ??????

Emma Barbod 05/03/2016

Was in Schuh fedrick street Edinburgh today and was served by Karen. She was extremely helpful, very pleasant, patient and gave us great advice and service. Went for a browse but ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes down to Karen's help. Will definitely be back to shop with Karen very soon. Thanks Karen. Emma

Robbie 07/03/2016

Helen was amazing! I had never tried Birks before and she helped me figure out what size I needed and really knew what she was talking about. She was very helpful and extremely friendly!

Julie Campbell  13/03/2016

Lewis was very helpful, excellent customer service!

Heather Kennedy 16/03/2016

Assistant David very friendly and helpful

Emma Hughes 14/01/2016

I visited Schuh on Frekerick Street in Edinburgh on the 13th of January, and was really overwhelmed by the friendliness of the staff. In particular, one girl named Caitlin, and another young girl with long hair, as well as a young guy with a pony tail, were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the boots I was trying on. I ended up buying 3 pairs..! There is such a lovely, happy energy in the store, with lots of smiles and people ready to help and give advice. I'm so impressed, you guys are amazing at what you do, so just wanted to say thanks again..! Emma xo

Valerie wilson  18/01/2016

I found the assistant very helpful

Martyna Mercer 23/01/2016

I have taken a pair of shoes that I bought a while ago as they were faulty and have received an exceptional service from the store manager Lewis. He was very helpful and understanding and offered a few options to solve my issue. I had a very satisfying experience and will be recommending the shop to all friends and family! Thank you!

Ali 19/01/2016

Super easy and Ash was really helpful! Easy to chat to and knew his stuff

Laura Darnell 22/01/2016

I came in yesterday and bought new boots for work on a whim. When I got back to work I realised they weren't suitable. I came in today to exchange them for something more suitable. Everyone was very nice and helpful with helping me choose the right boot and arrange the exchange. Thanks!

Jemma Hart 12/05/2016

I was delighted with the service I received in store. I was served by Caitlin and she was so helpful and really friendly. Will definitely be visiting the store again, not only for the quality products, but for the excellent service. Thanks and loving my new shoes :)

Fiona Paterson 13/05/2016

What a lovely girl I had serve me today. I wouldn't normally write but I was so impressed by her lovely friendly manner I thought it was only fair to comment. She was delightful to my 3 year old son, keeping him amused and was really lovely to my teenage daughter too. Nothing was too much trouble and she naturally smiled the whole time. I hope you reward such fantastic staff well.

Nick 13/05/2016

Many many thanks to Ash!! His service was polite, prompt and fast!

Christy 14/05/2016

Friendly and efficient service. Took the burden out of shoe shopping. Very happy with staff... Was approached in quick fashion.

Lorna Spence 14/05/2016

Rachael was brilliant... mega busy yet very attentive and helpful.

Jessica Hladun 14/05/2016

Sophie in the Edinburgh store was fantastic. She did a great job quickly checking stock availability and collecting different shoe sizes to find the perfect fit for me. She was very knowledgeable about the fit of different brands which was excellent. And all with a smile! Brilliant service. Thank you!

Jamie Oliver 06/05/2016

Sandra 08/05/2016

Thank you Taylor. Very lovely, efficient, honest, friendly and funny! Was great shopping with you today. Keep up your great work! X

Scott Sandison 18/02/2016

Aaron Ross 20/02/2016

Staff were very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend the Schuh store to others.

Barbara Addison 07/04/2016

Laura cashier 316 was very helpful with the Yukon Sport shoes. She understood and listened to why I needed wide cushioned shoes (Foot swelling after an injury) They're fine. Only thing I didn't like was the music.

Mairi  08/04/2016

I was highly impressed by the customer service I received in store today. I was served by Caitlin who was very welcoming and efficient when bringing me a variety of shoes to try on. She helped me find the perfect pair!

Daniel 07/04/2016

Great customer service, friendly staff!

Bronwyn mcgeorge 10/04/2016

I was so impressed with the service I received in this branch. The manageress came straight over to help me, I asked for a size however the store did not have it so the manager said that it could be next day deliver to my home address the next day! She then asked another member of staff to go and get me the size I required in another shoe so that we made sure I had the right size. Then director dme to the toll to pay. I had a very little wait because the till staff member was dealing with another customer, when the manager saw this she called another member of the team across to help me so that I didn't have to wait! EXCELLENT customer service. I am a retail store manager myself so I know how important customer service must be. Brilliant experience brilliant team at your Frederick street Edinburgh store. Great ambassadors for your brand! Well done.

Miriam 25/01/2016

Very helpful and friendly service!

Bethany Gill 28/01/2016

Very quick and good friendly staff- Ash served us he was great now we have some cool shoes

Fiona robertson  30/01/2016

Lovely trainers.fast delivery. Fantastic communication throughout .all the staff at the Frederick store are so patient,attentive,helpful and cool people.I'm such a fussy one when it comes to trainers and quality of finish and I must say I'm so impressed with the staffs cheery and kind attitudes. Thankyou scuhh ur amazing xxx

Kate 28/01/2016

The assistant who helped us was called Ash and he was incredibly helpful and friendly, and went back to get lots of trainers for my boyfriend to try on before we found the perfect pair. Many thanks.

Aaron Waters  16/03/2016

Marion 20/03/2016

The girl who serves me was very helpful and friendly ??

Stephen Harrold 20/03/2016

You had a wide range of stock to choose from. All reasonably priced. Helen, the assistant who dealt with us was, friendly, courteous, extremely helpful and professional. She asked if my son had a Young Scot card for his purchase. We were unaware of the benefit this card offered in your store. Helen, in my opinion, went above and beyond the call of duty. You are very lucky to have such a shining example of great customer service in your employ. 10/10.

Kayleigh Beveridge 23/03/2016

Friendly, approachable, interactive FANTASTIC

Euan 23/03/2016

Jael did a great job, prompt service with a smile and some friendly small talk. No heavy sales pushing or hovering, she was simply available when needed.

Kaye George 25/03/2016

Tommy Hermansen 01/01/2016

Julie 29/12/2015

Excellent staff and very quick service.

Sean McLemon 27/03/2016

The girl who served us - the receipt says Toni - was very helpful, warm and friendly. This was my girlfriends first time shopping in the UK and she was astonished by how nice the staff were :)

chris 27/03/2016

Really helpful staff, I was helped by Toni, I came in for one pair of shoes ended up leaving with two. Really happy with my purchases after being steered towards better more comfy shoes. When Toni was away getting the shoes from the stores the rest of the team in the shop were great at making sure I was ok.

chris 27/03/2016

Really helpful staff, I was helped by Toni, I came in for one pair of shoes ended up leaving with two. Really happy with my purchases after being steered towards better more comfy shoes. When Toni was away getting the shoes from the stores the rest of the team in the shop were great at making sure I was ok.

chris 27/03/2016

Really helpful staff, I was helped by Toni, I came in for one pair of shoes ended up leaving with two. Really happy with my purchases after being steered towards better more comfy shoes. When Toni was away getting the shoes from the stores the rest of the team in the shop were great at making sure I was ok.

Christine robertson 18/04/2016

I had reserved a pair of croc sandals and was served by a lovely girl when I first arrived, she said she was 19 and was so friendly and polite. A member of staff called Freddie then brought my shoes and was very chatty and helpful. I asked about other styles and those available in my size were brought to me quickly and the girl explained that I could order other styles and they would arrive the next day. I ended up buying the original pair that had been reserved for me. So happy with the customer service. Will definitely be back to buy more shoes!!

Tommy Kirkwood  21/04/2016

Not usually one for doing reviews However I had a very smooth and professional service from this branch. I had to exchange a pair of trainers and did not have the receipt, I managed to find an online order number and they done the rest. Great job and always nice to be able to praise good service, especially in retail Well done team Tommy

Caron Brennan  02/05/2016

Great service from a very friendly member of staff called Freddie , will defo use again

Trent Woodward 05/05/2016

Ash was awesome! :) Great customer service!

Jennifer Ritchie 16/04/2016

In and out quickly, staff werent pushy, got exactly what i needed for almost half the price :D

Leah Swinburne 29/05/2016

The girl who served me was in training and her supervisor were both fantastic. I had changed my mind a few time and the girl in training didn't fluster once and her supervisor was great. Well done ????

Jennie 29/05/2016

Fantastic service as always my favourite shop can't praise the staff enough

Daisy 29/05/2016

Excellent service. I was seen to almost instantly and didn't feel rushed or a nuisance. I was given plenty of time to make my choice and adore my final selection!

Ian 29/05/2016

Helen (187) helped me in store. Without a doubt she was the most knowledgeable and helpful member of staff in a shoe shop ever. She made the process of buying shoes easy & enjoyable and I would visit this store to buy shoes specifically from her again.

Jane OHara 28/05/2016

Very happy

Judith Jarvis 19/05/2016

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Helped by Freddie and couple of other colleagues.

Jon Hunton 21/05/2016

Hi We received fantastic service through Alana at your Frederick St store on Thursday 19th June. She was helpful and engaged myself and my daughter in bright chatty conversation (not over the top but genuine interested chat about young girls clothing in general) and when there was a problem with the pair of shoes chosen (slight damage to toe area) she arranged next day delivery very quickly. We will definitely be back. Your communication via text and email is excellent. Thankyou. Jon

Sarah 22/05/2016

The staff member that helped me was really polite and helpful.

Shona glennie 24/05/2016

Popped into your Frederick street store to buy a pair of cons for my toddler,none in stock.one of your assistants called Jane ordered them for me online & they arrived 2 days later.great customer service from Jane with a quick turnaround in delivery which was free!well done schuh!

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With a clear view of Edinburgh Castle, our store in this historic city is located on Frederick Street, just off the main street - Princes Street. We have a huge range of brands to suit all tastes including Nike, Converse, Vans and many more. Whether you're a lover of trainers or looking for the perfect pair of heels, you're sure to find something here at schuh. We also offer a great selection of kids shoes so your little ones can be on trend with you too!

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